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I met Kerrie a couple of months ago and even when I first met her I could feel this connection. I have visited Kerrie for a number of sessions. We have worked on things like Spiritual healing clearing and chakra blockages and removing any negative energy. The difference I have felt in my energy after these sessions was nothing short of amazing, I never even thought there was something wrong until I felt the difference after the healing session. 

A month or so after my first healing session with Kerrie I asked her if she could help me my ex I wanted to stop feeling for him and being in his life. Kerrie suggested we do a guided meditation where she will work with her guides and Arch Angels in cutting the Cords to my ex boyfriend so I could actually start to heal and get over him.  I agreed Kerrie worked her magic and I felt no longer attached to my ex boyfriend, I finally let him go and I felt like I could at last move on. If it wasn’t for Kerrie I wouldn’t have been able to do this and she has also offered Spiritual counseling helping me through this difficult time in my life. I feel I can now take on the world and that is thanks to Kerrie. I’ll certainly be back!


I have only known Kerrie for a very short time but in this space of a couple of months I have learned so much from her. I have had few healing sessions with Kerrie and during these sessions I have found profound knowledge and information that no one else has know with such accuracy. Kerrie has helped me connected with my twin children that I lost during pregnancy over 18 months ago they communicated through Kerrie during our healing sessions. This was such an overwhelming experience, but I still felt safe and surrounded by love and warmth in Kerrie’s healing room.

I have tried some of Kerrie’s other services as well! The guided meditation was fantastic Kerrie helped me cut the etheric cord to harmful people in my life (this worked so well that harmful person was sent overseas within days of this happening) and also showed me how to connect with my children on my own in a very special place. Working with the Arch Angels during this session the weight that I felt lifted from my shoulders was incredible I would never thought that it could have been possible!

During the last few months I have been receiving spiritual counseling from Kerrie and I couldn’t believe the wisdom that comes out of her mouth! It’s almost like she is channeling a higher being that certainly has wisdom beyond Kerrie’s years. I have started my transformation Journey with Kerrie and the confidence I have in her abilities I would never go anywhere else. I look forward to where she is going to take me and I’m excited, can’t wait!! I recommend trying it for everyone just at least once and you will never turn back.


All of my sessions with Kerrie are via phone as I’m interstate but I always feel inner strength & inner peace after we’ve talked. She is very tuned in to my personal struggles and always offers me realistic views to help me find my correct path.


Kerrie McGilvray is a beautiful person & very gifted. She puts her heart & soul into her readings & guidance. She offers variety in her readings with much detail in the messages she brings thru from her guides and angels. Kerrie thankyou so much for your beautiful readings & the connection that I feel with the work you do and as the wonderful person you are I’m so grateful for your time & energy ♡ Blessings


Had a great reading and kerrie was spot on. Your page is so much fun and I enjoyed it before my reading. But I highly recommend anyone that loves the page but hasn’t had a private ready do it it’s not something you will regret. 
Thank you again Kerrie  xoxo


I enjoy kerrie’s intuitive reads every night and look forward to them. Everyday it gives me a little oompf on my journey. Sometimes even readers need help reading themselves. I also I enjoy the intuitive tests as I am working on that. Thank you


I am amazed! Kerrie for me is everything I hold dear in the spiritual and in her 3 card reading sets. I am always drawn to participate because I am true to myself and I allow myself to take a leap of faith. Come on tell me your comments too!



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  1. It was a pleasure to see you again and I enjoyed the “Connecting with your guides” work shop immensely. Based on the subject of the workshop I thoroughly enjoyed the fun activities that we did. I also loved the way you were very supportive of our newly acquired abilities and patiently assisted us in our journey. I think one of the most important things when learning all things spiritual is feeling safe which is what I felt today….. even when the lights and the owl were speaking to us I plan to read the sheets again tonight when I go to bed and thank my guides and angels for their presence today and guiding me towards your workshop. I’ve already discussed the November workshop with Jess as I think she would get a lot out of it with such a wonderful teacher as yourself x

    1. Thank You so much Sandy it means a lot that you enjoyed this workshop and got a lot out of it!! I was glad you felt the energy in the space as safe as Thats what I had set before you all arrived 😉

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