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Understanding The Signs of The Universe



So how did I get here today?

My story doesn’t start like everyone else’s who remembers being able to do this since they were little!!

My memory just isn’t that good LOL

When I was a teenager, is when it all becomes a bit clearer for me. I had a very close friend at the time, we were both into crystals, tarot cards and being rebellious Teens we looking into witchcraft, the white kind of course J

We used to play intuition games trying to read each other’s minds from a couple of blocks away and then call each other and see if we were right!

We would use our card decks to practice reading for each other.

Plus we would stuff our bras full of crystals daily gave us the protection and healing qualities and as an added bonus as it made our boobs look bigger!!

From those days I always wanted my own new age shop with crystals, and readings and healings. It was my dream.

I distinctly remember my mum taking me on the Ghost tour at the Manly Quarantine station.

When we went through, we got to the morgue, and I could hear screaming, now I was a teenager and a little surprisingly skeptical. When I mentioned it to the tour guide I was like can you hear that? And when he said no, I proceeded to tell him I can hear screaming, and he said the only groups of people who have come through the morgue and heard screaming were psychics. So it started to make me wonder…..

Was all those games with my friend where I was getting stuff right more than just coincidences?

So I started to take it a little bit more seriously. But I hide it all for a very long time.

Being young I was still concerned with what everyone thought, and being in an all-girl high school I felt those judgments often! I’m sure some could relate to this as High school girls can be mean sometimes.

So naturally I went into a career of a mechanic!!! As you do!! I ran away from the Judgmental girls.

At the time I didn’t realize that it was slightly related to my life path of healing and helping others but we will come back to that!

What was interesting was that during that career I became extremely good at the diagnostics, it wasn’t from my training even thought that helped a little LOL it was from my ability to tap in and see the pattern and root of the problem.

I knew before we started running the diagnostic tests they tell you to run. I didn’t really link the two till later!

After that career I shuffled through a few others all in the service industry helping others, because that was my path right!! Helping others and silly old me still couldn’t see it!! Even though every job I was drawn to had me helping someone else in one way or another. Surprisingly my subconscious would not even look at the jobs that didn’t have that aspect in them!

The Universe was sending me the signs I just had no Idea!

As my life progressed and I got married, we brought a house and had children, my spiritual journey paused as I was focused elsewhere as you usually do when you start a family. I stopped listening to the universe in my job choices and it became about what will do and pay the bills, as I felt I needed to put everyone else first like most mothers.


Now the interesting bit was during this time I developed Depression. For those that know me it’s the strangest thing you will hear!! I have always been this big light of bubbly love and smiles.

BUT, this was the only way my guides could get me to listen. They needed to impact me via my health as it has always been the thing I will stop and listen too. As I knew I needed to be well to look after my family! This was the first time they caught my attention this way! But not the last.

So as I was working through the depression signals with a new born and a toddler and renovations!! Yes I know completely crazy right?

I realized that my guides were telling me that I had drifted off my path and I was taking on too many things that are not in alignment with my life purpose.

I found this can occur a lot with mothers!! But that’s just our nature and it’s ok J

We just need to be aware of it.

It’s about sending us a signal and us listening to it!

So What I realized is that I hadn’t done much for my spiritual path so I started it back up again.

I had seen a psychic myself not long after I got married and she had told me that it would all happen when my children are in school. She told me I was a natural born healer, psychic and medium and teacher. And even Write a book!!

Not even remembering that at this time I joined a spiritual group and did weekly manifestation classes, then progressed to a new teacher that did meditation and psychic development classes. I did these for about two years and I found my depression started to lift and I was reducing my medication.

Then in 2013 I met this amazing lady who taught NLP and Life Coaching. I was so inspired and was guided to do her training, course I did.

She introduced me to two amazing people Tony Robbins and Simon Sinek. During this course I solicited my values and I found my passion and purpose. Finally I found people who understood me and talked to my heart not my mind!

During this training I was brought back to my dream I had when I was a teenager about the new age shop and being a psychic medium, healer, teacher and coach.

This was when I started my business. I started a Facebook page I started slowly and have built it up over the last 4-5 years.

That was good enough for me at the time.

The first year I didn’t do much with it. As I wasn’t sure what to do LOL

I found that I was struggling with the company I was working with, when I was trying to start this all up. Having done all that training and I was continually listening to talks from Tony and Simon my calling was getting stronger and stronger.

I watched this ted talk by Simon Sinek called the Golden Circle. Now if you haven’t seen it I suggest you go after this and look it up! I felt so inspired I was lifted through the clouds.

I finally found my burning passion, the fire in my belly was well lit and there was no stopping me!

I was so inspired I watched it again and again; I don’t remember how many times I watched that ted talk! But I felt like I was flying so high on inspiration. I had a bit of a Jerry Maguire moment.

At the Time I was full time working with a company I had been with for 8 years. I knew it wasn’t where I was meant to be and I kept searching for something to give me fulfillment where I was, but I was surrounded by so many that didn’t share the passion and visions I had to make the company great. To be fair I wasn’t in a role where my opinion actually counted at a level that matter or could make a difference in this company. Didn’t stop me from trying J

But after watching that Ted talk, I wrote a 5 paged detailed reasoning for what needed to change and how to bring the company back into a position where they would flourish. But it all started with them valuing within first, instead of just trying to gain customers based on price.

Now don’t get me wrong I have absolutely no marketing back ground, I have had roles in customer service before but that’s was the extent of my experience. I was armed with a belief that I could make a difference and it was how I confirmed what my why was!

Now there was no success of making a difference in that company I worked for, because they weren’t ready for the change I was suggesting, it was very old school management and they still operated like they did in the 80s. So my vision was way too futuristic for them.

But what I can tell you was when I discovered my Why, I manifested a new role with a new company, I was approached by a recruiter, who asked if I would be interested in this role he had. Now I’m a firm believer of, if an opportunity presents you should at least listen as the universe is usually behind it. So I did. It was very similar to the role I was currently doing, but the company was different. When I first started it was only a little bit different, it had some very similar traits as the old place, and I thought to myself why did spirit guide me to come here?


I started to get sick again!

And I thought oh no!!

What am I not listening to now!!

This time it wasn’t depression!! It was worse.

They found an Auto Immune Disease. Now if you don’t know what that means it basically means that my body’s immune system attacks itself, and in my case it attacks my joints!

My guides were very clear on the exact disease it was, they showed me the links in the family to discover it, and since having been through this kind of sign from them before I knew how to work with them to work it all out.

I had got distracted from my path again in this new role. So I started ramping up my business on their instructions. They showed me how to cure it for me. They told me that it’s not permanent for me It’s not permanent for me. I have the power to reverse it. All I had to do was follow my path properly.

So I did two things to do that!

I ramped up my online presence and my business I now have a website and crystal stock. I attend markets and expos this was my first year for that! I run and hold workshops. I had been writing my teaching materials for years, but have found the courage to finally share it with others. I am finally in the same vibration as my higher self and the manifestations are coming thick and fast because I found my Why and I am following my passion.

Now in reference to the Psychics prediction this was the year that my youngest child started school.

Then the company I was working for got a new CEO. Finally someone who oozed vision like I did!  I felt the connection straight away and I knew why I was sent here. I will finally get my moment to be able to make a difference on a big scale.

Not only was he the reason I was sent here, but I have made some great connections with some great people at this new company, that have helped me in leaps and bounds in growing my business!

When I had that light bulb moment I knew I wanted to help others and make a difference, touch people’s hearts. I had been doing this for years already with my channeled advice for my friends, family and clients. But this was the place I found that helped me launch my Business and give me the confidence that I can do this full time and help others.

The universe sends us the signs to help us find our way, and if we need flashing neon signs to see it. The Universe can may make the signal so big you can’t miss it.

Like they do for me they send illness when I am out of alignment. But nothing that can’t be overcome. As once I find alignment with my higher self again the illness melts away for me.

But of course I have always had the choice to not overcome these illnesses, and in another lifetime that may have been my lesson. But not this time!

So with the loving support of my family and friends I am here today to tell you, that I can help you find your why, and I love doing it!!

We are all here for a reason, we just need to follow the signs to find it.

If you want to live the life you were meant to and make it extraordinary there is only one small decision you need to make. Commit to yourself and get help to become the best of you.

No one ever said you had to go it alone! We go further together!



Until Next Time


Kerrie McGilvray

Spiritual Teachings

Bobby’s Story – I Want to Cross Sooner



bobbys story

While working this Saturday I had the most amazing conversation with a lovely lady who we shall call Bobby. She was a trouble soul and she didn’t come in for a reading but she was shuffling the oracle cards in the shop and I could sense her feeling lost. When I started talking to Bobby, she was explaining how she was drawn to my kind nature. We started chatting and she was explaining to me how she wanted to cross over. My heart was breaking. How could someone as lovely as her want to go before her time. She proceeded to explain that all her loved ones were there and that all she wanted was to be with them again. She told me about how she had tried suicide to get there sooner but it didn’t work and even the Dr’s were surprised as the method used it should have worked.

But what Bobby was missing was that it wasn’t her time to go. She had to be here for a while yet!

She missed her mum terribly and what her mother passed on through me on Saturday was that it wasn’t her time, and she was disappointed that she wasn’t living her life like she should be. Bobby needed to know that her mother loved her and wants her to show the world all the wonderful things she had taught Bobby. She was here for a reason and her current reason we discovered were her friends she had. While she felt she needed them, she didn’t realize that they also needed her and her loving ways.

It was lovely to see the change in Bobby just through a simple conversation. In the space of five minutes she received the messages she needed and she had changed her fate and perception. She had found her reason to live and she wanted to make her mother proud, and believe me her mother was glad that she came to me that day. Bobby is now looking forward to show her mother and the rest of her family on the other side how all their teachings can be given to others through Bobby.

She left the store at such peace with no further desire to rush to the other side and cross over. Bobby is finally happy to wait till it is her time to join the others until then she had work to do to make her family proud.  And off she went!!


These are the experiences that make me love what I do with such passion and joy. It’s truly a blessing to be able to help others and bring peace to those who need it.



Until Next Time


Kerrie McGilvray

Spiritual Teachings

The 7 Things That Happen to Your Loved One When They Pass


So this week I have had a family member pass away. Even though I know what happens and that I have an opportunity to speak with them again it’s still an emotional experience. As my human self still misses them and grieves for them. But my spiritual self says its ok you will speak with them again.

So today I thought I would explain what my guides and passed people have told me about the other side, for anyone out there experiencing the same thing!

  1. It’s not the end

This is not the end of their existence. They spiritual self still exists, just at a different vibration. They can choose to either be a guide to others, or they may choose to be reincarnated. But one thing is for sure it is certainly not the end!

  1. There is No Heaven or Hell

There is no place like heaven or hell, like they explain in the bibles.  There are different vibration planes. Depending of which plane they are currently on can explain why you can or cannot contact them.

  1. They are in no more pain

Those who had passed traumatically, or from illness are no longer in pain. They go through what is called and adjustment period or my guides refer to as a healing room, where they heal and adjust to their new way of being. Depending on circumstances this can last from 12 months or longer depending on what time they need to adjust. While in the adjustment period or healing Room they are usually not contactable by mediums.

  1. They attend their funerals.

I found this one interesting as I would have thought logically they would go straight to their healing room. But most of the family members I have spoken with all attend their funerals more so for everyone else then themselves. Gives both sides a chance to say good bye and when this is completed their transition onto their healing/adjustment period.

  1. Yes they pop in to visit

Once they have completed their healing/adjustment period they visit us regularly. They like to keep an eye on their loved ones and help if they can. Keep an eye out for the signs you see, be it a feather or a smell that reminds you of them. These are the messages they will send to connect with you.

  1. Their Love is Eternal

Yes those loved ones don’t stop loving you because they are no longer here. Their love grows at an even more eternal existence. It becomes a Divine love that is completely unconditional and transcends time and space. It can be so strong that those will continue in your soul family in the next lifetime with you.

  1. They don’t go Alone

They don’t go off alone they are met by family members who have already passed including animals. Some family members will even visit those before they leave to let them know not to be scared and will help take them if needed, especially if they are extremely ill.


Where ever you feel is perfectly ok at these times of sorrow. Love, sadness, anger, confusion are all normal. But know that nothing is your fault. It was their time to go. They are not gone forever.

Don’t be upset if they don’t come through on a reading, a number of things could be the reason. They may be in their adjustment/Healing period still, they may have reincarnated, they may not feel strong enough to come forward or they may not want to come forward to upset you. Either way just know, they are always there when you talk to them.

Until Next Time


Kerrie McGilvray

Spiritual Teachings

You Were Meant For Greatness!


greatness1 (1)

What Is A Life Coach?

A life coach is someone you reach out to. They help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Through personal empowerment and development, we cheer you on from the side lines and help keep you on track so you keep moving forward towards your dreams.

We can assist in clearing blockages from your past that may be sabotaging your success through mental reprogramming and training we can give you the skills to leap ahead in bounds!

Why should life be just ordinary when it can be extra-ordinary!!

Together with a Life Coach you work on areas in your life you wish to create everlasting change to bring out the best person you can be. We all have the ability to be and have what we want, but somewhere in the noise we have drowned out our inner knowledge to navigate through this journey we call life.

A life coach helps you find your way back home. To tune back in to your inner guidance system and teaches you to listen again.

Why Do You Need A Life Coach?

There are many reasons people turn to life coaches. Here are some:

  • You’re Stuck – you feel stuck in a rut or trapped where you are in your life and you want to change but just cannot see how.
  • You’re Lost – maybe you just have no idea where you want to be or what you want to do all you know is it isn’t what you are doing!
  • You’re Unhappy – the unhappy feeling is a sign that we are not following our passion or purpose it is usually the first sign we recognize is a cry for help.
  • You’re Happy – When we are happy we often feel the need to reach for more and are excited to push further than we ever though we could and its an awesome time to do it!
  • You have just gotten out of a relationship – You are starting over and sometimes help with reflection and healing during this time can make getting back on the horse quicker and less painful
  • You’re comfortable – sometimes we need someone to hold our hand while we push outside our comfort zones
  • You’re scared – everyone has moments when they are afraid, and those fears can be addressed by yourself and your coach to help you move past them
  • You have tried therapy and “Now What”? – therapy has its time and place but sometimes we don’t want to spend years reliving the hurt and pain when we just want to move on and learn the lessons these moments are teaching us.

Do any of these sound like you?

Are you ready to create change in your life? Do you want your own coach to cheer you on the way to greatness?

Please contact me to arrange a life coaching session.

Until next time.


Kerrie McGilvray


Spiritual Teachings

How Much Do You Value Yourself?




So it occurred to me today how much we allow others to decide what we are worth or worthy of.

We are surrounded by things in this materialistic world each day that puts labels on what we are so called worth.

Hell!! We even get insurance to cover what we are told we are worth, and let an insurance company or a bank, a recruiter or even a boss tell us how much we are worth to them each and every year!

When did it all go so terribly wrong?

Since when is worth decided by anyone else but ourselves?

In our new digital life where everything is so accessible and everyone is told they are easily replaceable we have developed such huge insecurities that we never used to have before social media. Of course we all have insecurities no one is perfect, but before social media, if you didn’t hear from your friend you just figured they were busy living just like you. But now we look at facebook, twitter and anything else we can stalk people on and we see that they are just busy having fun without us! We get jealous that they spend time with other people because we see it plastered all over social media!! How many of us have posted “with good friends” or “great company”, I have done it, I’m sure we all have. Most of us haven’t done it to hurt anyone intentionally, but to those insecure people who are reading that all of a sudden the insecurity kicks in and they think they that they aren’t a “good” enough friend.

Then there is the posts and the likes, comments and shares situation. Now we can actually get either instant gratification on our personal worth by the number of likes a post gets, or we get incredibly upset by the lack of interaction from a post. If we are lucky to get the gratification the rush that gives you disappears very quickly and we find ourselves searching for that gratification again to make ourselves feel like we are worth someone’s time and attention. If we don’t get the attention or gratification we were searching for, our insecurities kick back in again “no one likes me”, “I must not be in anyone’s feed”, I’m not worth anything to anyone! There is always the random exception to both these scenarios as well where someone takes what ever you posted or shared to heart and causes massive fights and arguments (which of course is because of their own insecurities) Where most of us innocently just like a saying or picture!


Then we move onto each year most of us sit in front of our bosses at pay review, yes it is the time most of us truly hate, as most of us are not that confident in selling ourselves to prove we are worthy of more even though we know we are!! And there is always those type of bosses out there that pray that we don’t work out sell ourselves so they don’t actually have to give us more.

Then there is also the banks that tell us if we are worthy of owning our own home by deciding if we worth the risk to give money to so we can have the dream of living in our own house.

Or it’s the insurance agency that we ask for life insurance cover and we actually put a value on our own head as to what we are worth, which most of us usually would only put enough to cover our debts. Just another way for us not to admit to ourselves what our true value is!

Then there are the na sayers who tell us sometimes each and every day, what we can and can’t have, like they are the deciding factor in what our life is to become!


Well I am here to tell you that while some of these things are motions we all go through DO NOT ever let them define your own self worth and value. As you will never be replaceable, and you will always be priceless.

Not one of us is ever more valuable than the other and each life is just as important.

DO NOT ever let anyone tell you you’re not worth it or you can’t have something.

The only person who has a say in those two decisions is YOU!

Do not let your insecurities rule you.

Fight for what you are worthy of, and live the life you want and deserve.

You are enough, You are Divine and your worth can not be quantified!




I hope I have brought you some clarity.


Until next time.


Kerrie McGilvray


Spiritual Teachings

How to Fine-Tune Your INTUITION – Without EGO!



For me this was a long process, it took a while for me to realize the difference between ego and intuition. But once I worked that out it became very clear the difference and fine-tuning my intuition then just became a series of symbol interpretations.

What I found when looking into the difference between what comes from ego and what comes from intuition, was that EGO is fear based, Intuition is all from heart space!

This can take some skill in deciphering. As the story goes that back in history our Ego was created as almost another personality. It kept us aware and alert similar to fight or flight, to ensure our survival! It then reminded us of what could happen (usually always the worst possible case imaginable) so that we wouldn’t take risks. We then allowed it to became something that controlled us using fear, and pulled us away from our divine connection to our inner intuition which would have had a greater impact on our survival without using fear as a motivator!

I can hear the egos in some of you now saying “But if I wasn’t here we wouldn’t be safe, that thing would have happened to you just like I warned you it would” but here is the clincher, EGO creates these fears about what might possibly happen, we then give that attention, if we give that fear enough attention, the universe will certainly deliver!!


So you can see that not only learning how to fine tune your intuition without ego would greatly impact what you give attention too, and bring more of what you want into your life!

So when you start to hear those thoughts racing in your mind, I want you to decide is this thought based on fear? If so then it really needs no further attention, in most cases.

If you decide this thought comes from your heart then that is your intuition talking! Just make sure it’s not your pride, that’s egos ugly cousin, sometimes ego disguises himself as pride to get through when you shut out the fearful voice 😉

This may all seem very confusing, but if you just slow everything down when you are unsure and listen quietly to your heart you will hear the answer!

Pure intuition comes from the heart; there is no pride, no gloating, during that moment its all clear. There is nothing wrong with being proud after the fact of the information you have received we are human and it is a great skill to be able to conquer the fear of not doubting ourselves and to listen to our inner guidance system. It takes lost of practice to make your intuition the first thing you hear instead of your ego. But remember that what you give attention too grows! So if you don’t feed your ego, he will learn his place, and your intuition will grow if you continue to practice!

Ego will never disappear but he will fade, and when you focus on living from your heart the intuition will flow freely. But you will be able to see clearly the difference between the two and when you are feeding your ego like we all do occasionally, (we are not perfect) you will be able to notice what needs to happen to correct yourself.

The next part to assist in fine-tuning your intuition is symbol interpretation. Now this one is a little hard to teach. Each person’s symbols are different depending on the guide you are working with. They will always give you symbols that are easy for you to interpret; so one symbol for me could mean something completely different for you. So the easiest way to work them out if to write them down as to what you think they mean and when the events play out mark down if it was correct.

For example I know that when I am shown a month, it has 3 possible meanings. Lets take March for example: depending on the questions (it would usually be a timeline type question) March can actually mean March, on the 3rd of a month, in 3 months/years/weeks/days. And for others it may only mean March.

So the best advice I can give with interpreting the symbols is to pay attention and keep a record of them if your memory needs a little help like mine does some days! 

Another great way to here this explained is through a video I have recently seen by Kerwin Rae   Her is his Video explaining EGO



I hope I have brought you some clarity.


Until next time.


Kerrie McGilvray


Spiritual Teachings

What Happens During a Healing?


Well this is a very different thing for each and every healer. So I will explain what happens to me when I am conducting a healing.

For me the connection between my guide and I is very intense. I physically step half out of my body for my guide to step in and I channel the energy directly from him through to the client. I feel my healing guide was a shaman/medicine man when he was incarnated. He is an extremely strong and powerful healer.


In most cases my body heats up dramatically, from the energy pulsing through it and into the client and they can usually feel a warm sensation from my hands. It’s not unusual for me to be in shorts and singlet when I am carrying out a healing due to the extreme heat energy I feel through my body, even in winter!

My guide works directly with the clients guide in locating areas that need healing and he directs the energy to these areas. He clears the blockages, and passes on to me any messages that are needed to be passed onto the client at the time. Since I also love my crystals and Reiki I always infuse my healings with Reiki symbols as well as crystals and their vibrations to help clear Chakras.

I have a routine that I follow with all my healings and the time I spend at each point is controlled by my guides I am merely the vessel.

While this is how I conduct my healing sessions each healer is different depending on their healing modality, and guide.

I hope this helps bring some understanding as to what I experience when conducting a healing and how messages can be brought forward during them, also how clearing of any blockages takes place!


Until next time.


Kerrie McGilvray

Spiritual Teachings

You Are Not Alone!


Do you ever feel alone in this spiritual journey?

During my spiritual journey I would have to say there have been some periods where I have felt very alone and almost trapped. It has taken me a long journey to get to be comfortable with who I actually am and what I can do! With the help of my team of guides of course!

I’m talking about feeling alone in my journey like I was almost the only one who was the way I was. Even though the odds of that were nearly impossible of course, but we all know that fears are unrealistic. Feeling like I couldn’t show anyone who I truly was for fear of rejection, judgment or even abuse.  These have been some of the toughest times during my journey.  I began to develop friends that I could show certain sides of me but not all and those friends would be kept separate from the ones I showed the other side where I would just pretend to fit in! I would only show my complete true self to a select few and even then I was still unsure. What I found was that when I did this and hide parts of me from people actually created such a massive inner turmoil that I would have emotional breakdowns.

Now all this type of behavior started in school for me as I went to catholic school and of course the abilities that I had would have ended up in some form of punishment through the schooling system and such horror from some of the congregation. That I started hiding myself from then even though my family was very supportive, it was school that was restrictive.  As you could image I wasn’t up for an exorcism LOL!!

But of course bottling these kinds of things up can create massive issues! Where I would have angry outburst because I just wanted to be accepted for who I was and I couldn’t tell anyone who I was to be accepted! It was a catch 22 for me.

But I want to tell you all now you ARE NOT ALONE! There are so many of us on this wonderful and beautiful journey. Even though some of us are far away we are lucky to be able to connect in so many ways we couldn’t before.  I still have my days and my tears as while the world has come a long way not everyone is as understanding and accepting as most. I still come across those who judge and call me crazy or even fake! But I have to remember that we are all on our own journey and while this is mine, theirs is obviously different and they haven’t made it to the part of their journey where people like me make sense and that it totally ok. It’s just not their time.

But you need to believe it is our time in this life to be ourselves fully and truthfully and that can mean embracing both the shadow and the light to be whole. Just because we are spiritual doesn’t mean we cannot get upset or angry we are human after all.

You are not alone, so just own exactly who you are and your journey!

You rock!

Until next time


Kerrie McGilvray

Spiritual Teachings

Down The Rabbit Hole – Illusion



So I have been thinking about something for a while that I wanted to get your imput on.

Now it is an interesting topic and I’m still not sure where I stand on it either!

So some of the things I have read and learned over my years in this industry revolve around the thought that everything is an illusion. Depending on what you read varies the depth of what people believe that to be.

Some take it all the way to the extreme of thinking that we are basically holograms here and our higher self is projecting this hologram here on earth.  Others think a little more generally that our thoughts create our reality. Which can almost be argued to be the same depending on the beliefs and meaning you hold for these words.

So if we really are an illusion, what does that mean for us here?

Does it mean that all we do doesn’t really matter?

Would it explain why people act the way they do?

Why do you think some see through the illusion and others cannot see it at all?

For me I have always believed that our constant thoughts create our reality, not sure if I would go as far as thinking that we are a hologram!! But I can see the thought process behind it.

I believe that we are connected to our higherselves, and they do try and guide us to learn our lessons that we came here to learn. I think the more connected we are to our guides, higherself and intuition the clearer we see things and see the veil of illusion lift!

We start to actually see the inner of the person not the outer. Sometimes this might not be a pleasant thing as people we may have known for years or even lifetimes over can suddenly be seen differently. The good friends or family (who ever we see clearly) we thought people where can change. We may begin to see clearly their manipulating or judgmental ways that we never noticed before. Or maybe we notice their obsession with image is actually what drives them and you see how they can step over anyone to save that image.  On the flip side you may even see more positive things as well. Maybe you are lucky enough to see more inner beauty then you ever realized they had before.  Or you always knew they were a helpful person but when that veil comes down you see the truly big heart they have always had and you can understand why they are just so amazing!

I know each of us come here for our own lessons and sometimes finding others in the same stage of your lesson plan can be difficult. Everyone is on their own plan they may be at the beginning of their reincarnation, maybe it’s their first lifetime here in the big school playground of life! Maybe their lesson at the beginning is image and to learn how unimportant it can be and that it’s not worth everything, that there are other things that are more important. Maybe those who have the big hearts, struggle being around those with unpleasant ways, and understanding how they are still cannot see the bigger picture yet! This is their lesson to learn that all are at their own learning stage and hopefully we all learn our lessons and progress.

For me the struggle to understand how some cannot see the bigger picture and actually live from their heart space can be difficult at times. I have always been able to see all sides to every story and I certainly can understand where all these things come from and how they are there. But my real struggle is in trying to understand why they don’t want to move forward!

But I learn to let go and just assist any who wish to take the step forward, and for those who need to stay where they are for their lesson, that’s exactly where I need to leave them until they are ready to move!

My heart has always wanted to take everyone with me when I go forward and it’s very difficult for me to leave anyone behind, but sometimes it’s exactly where they need to be as it’s always their choice not mine!

So I don’t truly believe that we are a holographic illusion. But more like players in a video game with guides, intuition and our higehrself guiding us through the game. Just some of us have more technical difficulties then the rest of us! An therefore take longer to get to the lesson at the end of the game.

Obviously may opinions will differ to others it all depends where we are in our learning stages.

Would love your thoughts!

What do you think?


Until next time.


Kerrie McGilvray

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What Is Meditation?


The simplest explanation for meditation is quiet the mind. In our daily lives quite often we are never actually living in the present. We are always thinking about what we need to do in the future are even stressing/worrying about the future, or we are stuck rerunning what has happened in the past. All these thoughts that run through our head each day steel us from the present moment. The present moment is all we really have as the future is not certain and the past is only your perspective of what happened, and no longer has any relevance.

Meditation is a skill that we use to quite our minds to take a moment in our lives to stop all these thoughts that fill our heads which trash. Meditation helps us take out the trash of our minds and just sit in peace, connect with our higher selves who has many answers and can give us insight and help on most of the thoughts and worries. If we could just stop long enough to hear them!

Now meditation can be quite varied. Some say that you have to sit and close your eyes and not think about a thing. Others also refer to being mindful in what you actually do, so actually being present and focused in each and every moment.

I believe in both!

Have you ever been so focused on a task that you forgot what time it was or the whole world seemed like it disappeared, this is what the mindful meditation can look like.

Personally I try to meditate daily for about 20 minutes and during this time I visualize, so I cannot say that I don’t think of anything! But I stop the mind chatter and focus on the visual I want to see. This can include meeting my guides, angels or loved ones, maybe visualizing the future I want! There are other times too when I might be having a rough day where I might just take five minutes out of my day, walk away from my desk and just focus on my breath, and close my eyes, stopping my thoughts. This is a very effective technique for moments of high stress or emotions. I do also think that if you feel that you need to, you can always laydown to meditate. Personally at times if I don’t have a chair that will hold my head up I find I need to lay down to meditate, as I sometimes feel like I go so deep into trance that I can feel like I’m about to fall and that generally jolts me out of my meditation, so if I don’t feel supported enough in my chair I will lay down. In most cases when I meditate I put on some soothing music usually with no vocals, I find it helps focus and clear the mind by focusing on the sound and not what is going on in your head.

Meditation can also help relieve aches and pains or headaches as it can help us relax our bodies and the tension it holds that causes these aliments.

So if you are brave enough give it a go! Just dim the lights, turn on the soothing music and focus on nothing else, if thoughts pass through your mind tell them thanks and let them go they will be there for you when you are finished no need to focus on them now. Maybe even call in your guide to help you and ask to meet them if you haven’t already.


Would love to know how you go!


Until next time


Kerrie McGilvray

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Perception Changing Technique – Gratitude List

Notebook on Wooden Table - Gratitude Journal, Selective Focus, old fashioned look


I wanted to share with you a simple technique that I have used with many of my clients and also use myself. It’s a gentle and gradual way to shift your perception on life to a more grateful outlook. Some of you may have heard about the Law Of Attraction (LOA), what you think, you attract. Well this is what a Gratitude list helps you achieve.

The more you find things to be grateful for, the more things you will attract to be grateful for!

So a Gratitude list in case you don’t know what it is, is something you write down daily that happened during the day that you are grateful for, simple right?

So I suggest to start you must write at least 3 things each day in a Gratitude Jounral, if you find more that’s fine too, you can write as many as you like! I would suggest that this is done either first thing in the morning to start you day on the good foot or last thing before you go to bed.

You must do this for at least 30 days to create the habit, and help shift your perception.

So at the beginning you may struggle to find things to put on the list and that is ok. Maybe you only start with generic things like, I’m grateful it was sunny today, or I’m grateful for my friends or family etc. But over the month you should find that each day you start to find more specific things you are grateful for. Like, I’m grateful I got a car park close to the door, I’m grateful I got a good run to work, I’m grateful for the compliment I received today. Anything really specific the idea is to get more and more specific about what you are grateful for. Find those moments in your day that make you smile.

Each time we get more specific our list gets longer and it gives us something nice to look back over when we are having a rough day, it shifts our perception and helps us smile. This technique shifts our focus to things that make us feel good (grateful), the more good we find the more good we receive!

Its not complicated and there will be days you find it harder than others to find your 3 grateful things, but lucky for us we have a list of things we can look back over and be grateful to have a list of things to remind us of how lucky we actually are.

If you are unsure what feeling I’m talking about for me it starts with a thought about something that makes me feel happy followed by a smile, a warmth spreading over my heart and sometimes I even have a sound for it “Awww”. When I look back and read over my gratitude list this is exactly how I feel, the more I read the bigger the smile and warmth I feel!

Once you have completed this exercise for the full 30 days you should notice a difference in how you see the world you will see more of the good and won’t tend to focus so much on the so called bad. You will find your daily list longer and easier to write and if you miss a day you will feel off. But its ok you can pick it straight back up any time of the day.

Want to hear more about how Gratitude can change not only your life but the world, Watch the below video from Timber Hawkeye, at TED.

Timber Hawkeye TED Talk

Timber has some great information on his website Buddhist Bootcamp and some pretty cool shirts, check him out!

I would love to hear how you go after trying this technique for the 30 days.

Do you already use this technique? Do you find it works for you?


Until next time


Kerrie Mcgilvray

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So How Do You Know You Are Psychic?

psychic ball

This week I was asked this question, not the first time I might add. It has taken me a very long time to realise what that actually means. For me I actually don’t really like the term Psychic, I personally don’t really think it covers everything off, and I think people believe it can be something else. But for most people it’s the term they use to explain what we do and people understand it and that’s ok with me.

No I can’t give you the winning lotto numbers! I cannot predict the only future you may have.

But what I can do is connect with past loved ones, offer guidance on your current path. Give you an insight as to where you could be if you continue to follow the current path. But remember anyone who promises to predict the future, and guarantee that that’s what will happen is more than likely lying. As we are all creatures of free will the moment we get a reading on what might be coming can in fact change it, if you want it too. No True psychic will give you doom and gloom, its not ethical, as I mentioned nothing is ever set in stone and everything can be changed based on our choices.

As a psychic, medium, channeller what ever you like to call me, I can only offer guidance as to what might be coming and if you don’t like what I say you ultimately have the power to change it! It’s important for everyone who has a reading from a psychic to understand this. If you are offered hints to help you reach the goal you wish, and you choose not to follow these hints, it is not a reflection on us, it has more to do with you being ready to accept guidance and wanting to change and attain your goal.

So for me this journey started many years ago when I was a teen. I always noticed that things were slightly different about me. I felt things more than most people and I used to be able to connect with a very close friend of mine telepathically. Which of course when you’re a teen is just a really cool trick or coincidence. But what really made me realise that there was something real and different was a trip to the Manly Quarantine Station on a ghost tour with my mother. Being a know it all teen like I think most of us were at some point. I remember walking through and saying yeah right as if anything is going to happen, I used to be a real skeptic. When we approached the Morgue. It was in this room that I noticed these faint screams, I didn’t realise what was going on. The tour guide had told us to let them know if anything happens while we were on tour, so being a cheeky one, I asked them if they could hear the screams? Everyone looked at me with shock as obviously I was the only one who could hear them! The tour guide responded and said that while they couldn’t they did have a tour group of Psychics come through once who could hear the screams while they were in there. This was the moment that I knew something was different.

My friend and I had always been into crystals and tarot cards for a bit of fun. I just loved the colours of the crystals and had always been drawn to them. Over the years that passion grew, but in my twenties things slowly got hidden away to fit in as I would say. Even though I wouldn’t publicise the information I received to everyone for fear of judgment , I knew a selected few I would let in. But what I did always notice was that when my friends would come to me with a problem and ask for advice, I would rattle off advice to them and never really remember what I had said only them at the end of the conversation saying thanks so much that’s the best advice. Obviously I was channeling the guidance straight from above and not even knowing. It took me a while to realise that was what was happening and it is only really in hind sight that I can truly see the pattern emerge of the synchronicities that show me I have been Psychic all my life.

So after I got married I started attending spiritual development classes to really get in tune with the skills I had already so I could get a better understanding of what was going on, as well as meet others that were like me. I found this place a really big sanctuary for me and I started to hone my gifts and really tell the difference between Divine Guidance and Ego. As before I didn’t know how. I discovered that I was a very powerful healer as well as Psychic. It took some time to understand the symbols that I would receive, and that I wasn’t to really interpret them. The interpretation is always meant to be up to the Client, as I am only shown the symbols in forms that I can understand so I can relay the information.

So most of my information comes through channeled messages Clairaudience, but Clairvoyance and Clairsentience also comes into play as well. Some past loved ones can be overexcited to make contact and are very easily seen,heard or felt!

Names can be slightly tricky at times. I can get a name and be spot on if it’s a name I know the name in English, but if the person is from another language the name I may get may be the English version that sounds like their name or I may only get the letter or the visual details of the person but once the confirmation from the client is received the information starts flooding through! It’s really quiet fascinating how it all works.

Now for me the words I hear are words in my head like when you talk to yourself. But it has a different feel for me, so I can tell the difference between me and them! Also most of the time my crown Chakra will tingle as well. In most cases the visual images are in my third eye, but for others they see people just like you and me. But I have always asked my guides to make it obvious between the actual living and information, which is why mine come through my third eye. But either is fine and it is up to you to work with your guide to reach where you wish to be and how you wish to see and process the information given to you.

So remember that there is no exact formula to know that if you tick this box and that you are definitely Psychic, as I truly believe we all are, its just a matter of quieting the mind, listening and paying attention to the signs you are given. Don’t worry if you receive these differently to others, we all have different guides and they all communicate with each of us differently. So it is all ok!

Did you find this Helpful?


Until next time


Kerrie McGilvray

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The 7 Chakras – From The Beginning

What on Earth is a Chakra?

In many spiritual and healing disciplines, and in the world of complementary medicine the words Chakra pops up quite a bit. That’s fine if you know what they mean; not so great, and I must say pretty confusing, if you don’t. Here’s our simple summary of the 7 Chakras that covers what a Chakra is, and what the Chakra System is all about?

The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through.

The word ‘chakra’ is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’. Literally translated from the Hindi it means ‘Wheel of spinning Energy’. A chakra is like a whirling, vortex like, powerhouse of energy. Within our bodies you have seven of these major energy centers and many more minor ones.

You can think of chakras as invisible, rechargeable batteries.

They are charged and recharged through contact with the stream of cosmic energy in the atmosphere in much the same way that your home is connected to a central power source within a city – the only difference is that this cosmic energy source is free.

Imagine this, a vertical power current rather like a fluorescent tube that runs up and down the spine, from the top of the head to the base of the spine. Think of this as your main source of energy. The seven major chakras are in the center of the body and are aligned with this vertical “power line”.

Chakras connect your spiritual bodies to your physical one.

They regulate the flow of energy throughout the electrical network (meridians) that runs through the physical body. The body’s electrical system resembles the wiring in a house. It allows electrical current to be sent to every part, and is ready for use when needed.

Sometimes chakras become blocked because of stress, emotional or physical problems. If the body’s ‘energy system’ cannot flow freely it is likely that problems will occur. The consequence of irregular energy flow may result in physical illness and discomfort or a sense of being mentally and emotionally out of balance.

This image shows where the main chakras in are located in your body. 


Chakra 7 – The Crown

Its colour is violet and is located at the top of your head. It is associate with the cerebral cortex, central nervous system and the pituitary gland. It is concerned with information, understanding, acceptance and bliss. It is said to be your own place of connection to God, the Chakra of Divine purpose and personal destiny. Blockage can manifest as psychological problems

Chakra 6 – The Third Eye (or Brow Chakra)

Its colour is Indigo (a combination of red and blue). It is located at the center of your forehead at eye level or slightly above. This Chakra is used to question the spiritual nature of our life. It is the Chakra of question, perception and knowing. It is concerned with inner vision, intuition and wisdom. Your dreams for this life and recollections of other lifetimes are held in this Chakra. Blockage may manifest as problems like lack of foresight, mental rigidity, ‘selective’ memory and depression.

Chakra 5. The Throat

Its colour is blue or turquoise and is located within the throat. It is the Chakra of communication, creativity, self-expression and judgment. It is associated with your Neck, shoulders, arms, hands, thyroid and parathyroid glands. It is concerned with the senses of inner and outer hearing, the synthesising of ideas, healing, transformation and purification. Blockage can show up as creative blocks, dishonesty or general problems in communicating ones needs to others.

Chakra 4 – The Heart

Its colour is green and it is located within your heart. It is the center of love, compassion, harmony and peace. The Asians say that this is the house of the soul. This Chakra is Associate with your lungs, heart, arms hands and thymus gland. We fall in love through our heart Chakra, then that feeling of unconditional love moves to the emotional center commonly known as the solar plexus. After that it moves into the sexual center or Base Chakra where strong feelings of attraction can be released. When these energies move into the Base Chakra we may have the desire to marry and settle down. Blockage can show itself as immune system, lung and heart problems, or manifest as inhumanity, lack of compassion or unprincipled behavior.

Chakra 3 – The Solar Plexus

Its colour is yellow and is located a few inches above the navel in the solar plexus area. This chakra is concerned with your digestive system, muscles, pancreas and adrenals. It is the seat of your emotional life. Feelings of personal power, laughter, joy and anger are associated with this center. Your sensitivity, ambition and ability to achieve are stored here. Blockage may manifest as anger, frustration, and lack of direction or a sense of victimisation.

Chakra 2 – The Sacral (or Navel Chakra)

Its colour is orange and it is located between the base of your spine and your navel. It is associated with your lower abdomen, kidneys, bladder, circulatory system and your reproductive organs and glands. It is concerned with emotion. This chakra represents desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation and creativity. Blockage may manifests as emotional problems, compulsive or obsessive behavior and sexual guilt.

Chakra 1 – The Base (or Root Chakra)

Its colour is red and it is located at the perineum, base of your spine. It is the Chakra closest to the earth. Its function is concerned with earthly grounding and physical survival. This Chakra is associated with your legs, feet, bones, large intestine and adrenal glands. It controls your fight or flight response. Blockage may manifest as paranoia, fear, procrastination and defensiveness.


Did you find this information useful?


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Kerrie McGilvray

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Keep Going

Just remember just because you cannot see something clearly doesn’t mean it’s not there!

Just keep going it will become clear soon enough ❤️
Kerrie McGilvray

Spiritual Teachings

What is Channelling?


Channeling can mean a number of things. As you can channel energy, messages, healing and even love. So in this section I will briefly touch on the channeling of healing but most of that will be covered off in the Healing section of our class. The main thing I would like to discuss is the channeling of messages, whether they be from loved ones who have passed or from our higher self, or our guides and angels. All of us have the ability to be able to channel these kind of energies. There are a few things that we need to consider when we are thinking about channeling.

  • We need to make sure we are protected and have a strong connection with our gate keeper guide so you are kept safe
  • We need to make sure that our energy is in the right space to be able to receive the Divine guidance or messages from loved ones
  • We need to make sure our space is energetically ready and clear
  • We need to trust that our Guides will be there the whole way and give us the support and protection we need
  • We also need to be able to quiet our mind, and know the difference when ego speaks to us
  • We need to be able to trust the messages that come through and not try to decipher them, as they may not make any sense to us only the receiver. Trust your intuition!

So given that we have all of that where do we start you say?

There are a few basics that I was taught that I would like to share.

I was always told to quiet your mind, ask if there is any messages (be clear who you’re asking for messages for either yourself or someone else) and then just listen for the thoughts or feelings that pass through your mind or body, and relay those. Remembering not to try and work them out! Don’t worry that one took me a while to overcome and ego wants you to try and work it out as it uses fear to tell you that the messages are wrong if you don’t understand them. Ego will also try and tell you that the messages are just made up from you. If these kind of thoughts come into your head just say thanks for that and move on give the information you are given.

I find this a simple way for you to get answers and it’s almost like a meditation but really you just have to listen.

There is also another way you can try which people call automated writing. If you are unsure what automated writing is, it is where you light a candle focus on the candle ask your guides your message and just start writing what comes to you. Imagine the energy coming in via your crown chakra and down through your body and out you writing hand (or hands if you’re typing). Don’t worry if you feel the beginning of what you start writing is from you conscious mind (It just might be) but the important thing is that you start writing whatever is coming to mind as once you start writing even if it starts with the conscious mind it will certainly shift to the unconscious mind where you will get your real answers. Once your hand is writing the energy from your guide will find it easier to flow through your hand and it will then take over and give you the answers you were aski9ng about, don’t be surprised if by the end of the sitting you read back what you have written and say to yourself “ I don’t remember writing that” that is almost a sure sign that is was a message from your guide4s as you would have transitioned into a trance like state where your guide took control of your hand to write the answers. In fact most of these classes are done via automated writing.

Here is another exercise I like to do to practice channeling messages from loved ones, but you need a lucky volunteer who will let you practice on them!

Have your lucky volunteer sit still in a chair they find comfortable. You stand behind them and put your hand on their shoulder with their permission of course. Close your eyes and as your guides to connect you to their passed loved ones and ask them to give you any messages they need to hear. Clear you mind and simply wait and listen. Relay any and all information you are given they may give you names they may give you details of how they passed. The information may be given in either thought, feeling, sound, smell or visual format, just relay it all. If you continue to practice this you will start to get messages quicker and in more detail with more accuracy as you start to learn the symbols they show you.

When you have completed your channeling session it is always good practice to ask your gatekeeper guide to close you down and hold back anyone else who wanted to come through as they will need to come another day. So in other words get your gate keeper to close the gate!

I hope you enjoyed this information and would love to hear your comments about it below.

Until next time

Kerrie McGilvray

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Spirit Guides Who are they?


Spirit guides are spiritual beings that are assigned to us before we are born that help nudge and guide us through life. They’re responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate. Your higher self helps select these guides, who help us while we are living out our incarnation.
Who are these guides?
Some guides will stay with you throughout your entire life, and others will pop in every now and again to help you with specific areas of your life or goals you are trying to achieve. These guides are at varying levels of consciousness themselves. Some may be highly ascended masters (such as Jesus) and others might be your average spirit who just happens to be a master in a certain area. They may appear to have a male or female energy, though in reality they are just energy. They may be spirits who have had physical incarnations, or they might be spirits who have never taken human form. Followers believe one spirit guide remains with a person throughout his entire life, while others come and go on special occasions to teach, to protect, to drive away negative energies or to bring joy. They might be deceased relatives, but that is less likely. When it’s time for your spirit guides to help you, they tune in to your energy and help direct you to fulfill your earthly mission.

Here are the 7 most common type of spirit guides we may meet in our lifetime or the next.
Gatekeeper Guide
• The Gatekeeper Guide, sometimes called the Master Teacher Guide or Doorkeeper, is with a human being from birth to death. This guide inspires a person to help others and to keep on track toward personal life goals with pure and beneficial guidance.
This guide stands constantly at the energy gates of a person as protection against the negativity of the universe.
As main guide, the Gatekeeper Guide controls and monitors the other spirit guides who wish to work with a person. At the same time this spirit aids the individual to remain focused and grounded when working with other spirit guides.
Teacher Guide
• A Teacher Guide inspires a person only at brief intervals during life. Guidance is given according to need regarding growth and spiritual development.
One Teacher Guide may work with the Gatekeeper Guides of many individuals, helping these people to develop compassion and moral sensitivity. Conversely, many Teacher Guides may help one person throughout life, each helping a person with a different aspect of her life.
Protector Guide
• The job of a Protector Guide is to protect a human being whenever that person is in danger. This spirit guide is usually a large spirit with great strength and energy and always works in harmony with the Gatekeeper Guide.
Runner Guide
• The Runner Guide is the spirit who connects human beings in dreams and at certain passionate moments with loved ones and missing items that are precious emotionally to the person.
This spirit guide comes and goes quickly, and can appear in visions or dreams. The appearance of this guide in dreams can be human in form, but this guide is most often clothed in the form of a spirit animal. It is this guide which presents itself during a session with a medium.
Helper Guide
• The Helper Guide is present only in the direst moments in the life of a person. This guide is the medicine man or shaman, and his help and guidance are directed at the great stresses in a person’s life or with serious health problems.
Warrior Guide
• The Warrior Guide is a warring guide whose role is to help a human being master fear and weakness. If a battle in any area of a person’s life needs to be fought, this guide will help.
Contrary to the other spirit guides, this one can lead a person into trouble and unnecessary battles. This guide must be followed with prudence and careful thought to ascertain whether the guidance is helpful.
Joy Guide
• The job of the Joy Guide is to bring joy and happiness to a person at various times in her life, and to uplift her spirits when they sag.

Did you find this information helpful?

Stay Tuned there is more to come!

Kerrie McGilvray