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Past Life Oracle Card Reading 25th of October 2017

Here is the guidance card reading from the Past Life Oracle card set.
Ask for guidance on a situation or ask a question, take a moment close your eyes then pick a card that you’re drawn to.
Numbered 1- left, 2 – Middle,or 3 – right

Which Card were you drawn to?

See you guidance below

Card 1 – Atlantis

Your lifetime in ancient Atlantis is affecting your current situation. You have soul memories of this idyllic civilization that offered every imaginable wonder. There’s a longing for the Utopia that you unconsciously remember, and which you know is possible in this world. Your soul also remembers the tragic ending of Atlantis, and you may have developed phobias about the ocean as a result. Although you love the sea, perhaps you prefer not to go swimming or sailing. You also recall how e majority of Atlanteans were peace-loving, with the exception of a few political leaders who misused crystal power to the detriment of all. So, you may be extra-sensitive to issues relating to political corruption in this lifetime.


Card 2 – Finances

Your relationship with money is being affected by your past-life experiences. For instance, you may have had a lifetime of extreme poverty or even wealth. Many People struggle to save money because their other lifetimes involved communal wealth—where the convent, tribe, or village provided for everyone’s needs. In those lifetimes, there was no such ling as individual savings accounts or separate possessions. As a result, you may find that your finances are a perplexing and upsetting mystery. Your income may roller-coaster up and down—until you come to terms with the fact that you’re currently incarnated in a Western capitalistic society that operates on individualism. To heal this situation, understand that money is merely energy and can be used for good purposes or negative ones. Know that money is in itself neutral; it is what you do with it that matters. Act with the intention to help the world through charity and generosity. That is a noble virtue.

Card 3 – Greco-Roman

This card indicates that you had a significant life in Greece or Rome that is influencing the situation you’re inquiring about. You may have noticed that you’re drawn to GrecoRoman architecture, culture, and spirituality. Perhaps you’ve even visited areas of the Mediterranean, which felt strangely familiar. Often when we visit a place where we’ve lived in other lives, we experience a sense of déjà vu. During your Greco-Roman lifetime, you had experiences and relationships that formed the basis for your present-life situation. You’ve also carried the knowledge forward that you gained in that lifetime. Now that you
’re consciously aware of your connection to Greece and Rome, spend time researching these ancient cultures and the spirituality associated with those places. Your research will trigger memories and insights, and you’ll come to better understand yourself and your situation.

How did you go?

Did you get the helpful guidance?

Would love to hear if it resonated with you!

Love and light

Kerrie McGilvray

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