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The Housewives Tarot Card Reading 23rd of October 2017

Here is the guidance card reading from The Housewives Tarot card set.
Ask for guidance on a situation or ask a question, take a moment close your eyes then pick a card that you’re drawn to.
Numbered 1- left, 2 – Middle,or 3 – right

Which Card were you drawn to?

See you guidance below

Card 1 – Four of Pentacles

Also known as “the miser card,” the Four of Pentodes can be summed up as “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Sure, that costly china may be a precious family heirloom, but what good is it locked away while you serve your family and friends meals on cheap paper plates? You’ll never appreciate all that you’ve accumulated if you don’t share it with those you love, so tonight break out the good china for a change! Don’t worry that one may get cracked better a plate than a relationship.

Card 2 – Nine of Wands 

You’re almost there! You’ve mopped the floor with the competition and now your goal is within sight. The Nine of Wands confirms your imminent success. The dirty water in the bucket suggests you’ve overcome any obstacles, and you have only to continue on your current course to complete the project at hand.

Card 3 – Ten of Wands

At last, you are in complete control of the
situation, Unfortunately, it also means all the responsibility yours, and it may be more than you can handle. The Ten of Wands illustrates the housewife who has it all, but without the energy and zest she had in the Ace. It may be time to put down the wands and rest up until next time.

How did you go?

Did you get the helpful guidance?

Would love to hear if it resonated with you!

Love and light

Kerrie McGilvray

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