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Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Card Reading 20th of October 2017

Here is the guidance card reading from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle card set.
Ask for guidance on a situation or ask a question, take a moment close your eyes then pick a card that you’re drawn to.
Numbered 1- left, 2 – Middle,or 3 – right

Which Card were you drawn to?

See you guidance below

Card 1 – Assertiveness

One reason why the fairies are so happy is because they’re assertive with each other. This trait is very different from aggression, which denies the rights of others. Assertiveness, in contrast, honors everyone’s rights (including your
own). Assertive people are easy to get along with because you always know where you stand with them. Your current situation calls for you to be assertive: Speak your truth with love; and let go of unhealthy, old communication habits.

Card 2 – Patience Please

The fairies manifest desires instantly. Whatever they think about occurs immediately, so they understand why you may feel impatient when your prayers aren’t answered right away. This card is reassuring you that your desires are being worked on behind the scenes. Although you may not perceive those results at present, trust that things are moving in the right direction. You’ll soon see and experience your desired outcome.

Card 3 – New Home

The fairies are so attuned to the earth’s heartbeat that they can detect changes far before we’re aware of them. This car comes to you because the fairies foresee you moving to a new location with positive results. If you ask for their assistance, the fairies can help with this change, including letting go of your present home, releasing financial worries, and finding a wonderful new place.

How did you go?

Did you get the helpful guidance?

Would love to hear if it resonated with you!

Love and light

Kerrie McGilvray

2 thoughts on “Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Card Reading 20th of October 2017”

  1. I choose nun 3 omg I have been asking and praying for my own place closer to my daughter and grandchildren couldn’t be more happy

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