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Northern Lights Interactive Reading

I have put together an interactive reading to bring to you the message you need for the situation you are going to ask about.

Take a moment.

  • Ask your question about what message do you need to recieve for the situation you are seeking guidance about.
  • Select an Image
  • Scroll down to receive your answer.


Image 1 – Joy

Even just a simple smile can go a long way to spreading joy in our world. Choose to focus more on those things that bring you joy and you will find you naturally begin to radiate this energy out into the world. The more joy you send out, the more you’ll find you have to be joyful for – this is a law of the universe.

Image 2 – A door to the infinite

Spending time in ‘stillness’ can help you connect with the infinite nature of your being – that eternal part of you that is always connected with the Divine. Taking time out to be quiet in nature or to practice yoga or meditation will be very beneficial to you over the coming weeks.

Image 3 – Awareness

Practice living in a state of awareness, where you are conscious of every thought and feeling that passes through you. Start to notice the energy of these thoughts and emotions and ask yourself if they are serving you – assisting you to live according to your true purpose and potential. If you find that they are not, make a conscious decision to change these thoughts and feelings, in the very moment that you notice them, to ones that are more positive and uplifting.

Image 4 – Comfort

Take comfort in the knowing that there is a divine presence in your life, guiding you at all times. There is no need to fear. Trust in the guidance of your angelic helpers and surrender your worries to them. Know that everything will work out exactly how it is meant to, for the greater good.

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Kerrie McGilvray

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