Oracle or Tarot Card Readings

The Moon Deck Card Reading 2nd of October 2017

Here is the guidance card reading from the Angel Reading card set.
Ask for guidance on a situation or ask a question, take a moment close your eyes then pick a card that you’re drawn to.
Numbered 1- left, 2 – Middle,or 3 – right

Which Card were you drawn to?

See you guidance below

Card 1 – Collaboration

Collaboration brings visions to life and teaches us how to work with others to reach a common goal. We can pollinate the world with more beauty and abundance while learning skills of focus, cooperation, productivity, fellowship, and alchemy. The sacred Bee is an impressive collaborator and brings vital nourishment into our lives. Bees work hard with incredible focus and cannot survive without their community and hive. They symbolize how the alchemical result of working together is a powerful process that transmutes something ordinary into something extraordinary. Collaboration is a supportive and necessary energy for you to connect with right now. It will open pathways and help you accomplish what may
otherwise seem impossible while fostering more joy in the creative process. Open up, reach out and create something sweet and magical with others.

Card 2 – Community

We’re often more resourceful than we think with abundant support all around us. No matter how big or small, it s empowering to have a circle of like-minded people in our life who are supportive, loving, and active in the world. Whether you have a strong community or you’re craving community, this card has appeared to re-connect you the power of tribe and your ability to call it in. Friends, family, near or far, your community is what you make of it. Be willing to reach out and welcome others in. Collective wisdom of community inspires and motivates us while also stretching our comfort zone. Together we can hold each other accountable for becoming our best self, reflect areas we still need to develop, and nurture relief in one another. Community is love, growth, tribe, family.

Card 3 – Purpose

We’re each a vessel with an unlimited capacity to express our potential. Our highest purpose is always evolving, shaped by our desire to move beyond illusions of fear and into our true nature of love. Now is the time to fully realize your potential – it simply awaits your acceptance of it. This awareness growing inside of you is a result of the love you’ve consistently given yourself. As you dissolve feelings of doubt or defeat, step into this truth and sincerely believe in who you are. Know that the won needs your special gifts. Continue to strengthen your confidence, claim your ever-evolving purpose, and give yourself permission to feel your full range of feelings. All you need is within you.

How did you go?

Did you get the helpful guidance?

Would love to hear if it resonated with you!

Love and light

Kerrie McGilvray

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