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So how did I get here today?

My story doesn’t start like everyone else’s who remembers being able to do this since they were little!!

My memory just isn’t that good LOL

When I was a teenager, is when it all becomes a bit clearer for me. I had a very close friend at the time, we were both into crystals, tarot cards and being rebellious Teens we looking into witchcraft, the white kind of course J

We used to play intuition games trying to read each other’s minds from a couple of blocks away and then call each other and see if we were right!

We would use our card decks to practice reading for each other.

Plus we would stuff our bras full of crystals daily gave us the protection and healing qualities and as an added bonus as it made our boobs look bigger!!

From those days I always wanted my own new age shop with crystals, and readings and healings. It was my dream.

I distinctly remember my mum taking me on the Ghost tour at the Manly Quarantine station.

When we went through, we got to the morgue, and I could hear screaming, now I was a teenager and a little surprisingly skeptical. When I mentioned it to the tour guide I was like can you hear that? And when he said no, I proceeded to tell him I can hear screaming, and he said the only groups of people who have come through the morgue and heard screaming were psychics. So it started to make me wonder…..

Was all those games with my friend where I was getting stuff right more than just coincidences?

So I started to take it a little bit more seriously. But I hide it all for a very long time.

Being young I was still concerned with what everyone thought, and being in an all-girl high school I felt those judgments often! I’m sure some could relate to this as High school girls can be mean sometimes.

So naturally I went into a career of a mechanic!!! As you do!! I ran away from the Judgmental girls.

At the time I didn’t realize that it was slightly related to my life path of healing and helping others but we will come back to that!

What was interesting was that during that career I became extremely good at the diagnostics, it wasn’t from my training even thought that helped a little LOL it was from my ability to tap in and see the pattern and root of the problem.

I knew before we started running the diagnostic tests they tell you to run. I didn’t really link the two till later!

After that career I shuffled through a few others all in the service industry helping others, because that was my path right!! Helping others and silly old me still couldn’t see it!! Even though every job I was drawn to had me helping someone else in one way or another. Surprisingly my subconscious would not even look at the jobs that didn’t have that aspect in them!

The Universe was sending me the signs I just had no Idea!

As my life progressed and I got married, we brought a house and had children, my spiritual journey paused as I was focused elsewhere as you usually do when you start a family. I stopped listening to the universe in my job choices and it became about what will do and pay the bills, as I felt I needed to put everyone else first like most mothers.


Now the interesting bit was during this time I developed Depression. For those that know me it’s the strangest thing you will hear!! I have always been this big light of bubbly love and smiles.

BUT, this was the only way my guides could get me to listen. They needed to impact me via my health as it has always been the thing I will stop and listen too. As I knew I needed to be well to look after my family! This was the first time they caught my attention this way! But not the last.

So as I was working through the depression signals with a new born and a toddler and renovations!! Yes I know completely crazy right?

I realized that my guides were telling me that I had drifted off my path and I was taking on too many things that are not in alignment with my life purpose.

I found this can occur a lot with mothers!! But that’s just our nature and it’s ok J

We just need to be aware of it.

It’s about sending us a signal and us listening to it!

So What I realized is that I hadn’t done much for my spiritual path so I started it back up again.

I had seen a psychic myself not long after I got married and she had told me that it would all happen when my children are in school. She told me I was a natural born healer, psychic and medium and teacher. And even Write a book!!

Not even remembering that at this time I joined a spiritual group and did weekly manifestation classes, then progressed to a new teacher that did meditation and psychic development classes. I did these for about two years and I found my depression started to lift and I was reducing my medication.

Then in 2013 I met this amazing lady who taught NLP and Life Coaching. I was so inspired and was guided to do her training, course I did.

She introduced me to two amazing people Tony Robbins and Simon Sinek. During this course I solicited my values and I found my passion and purpose. Finally I found people who understood me and talked to my heart not my mind!

During this training I was brought back to my dream I had when I was a teenager about the new age shop and being a psychic medium, healer, teacher and coach.

This was when I started my business. I started a Facebook page I started slowly and have built it up over the last 4-5 years.

That was good enough for me at the time.

The first year I didn’t do much with it. As I wasn’t sure what to do LOL

I found that I was struggling with the company I was working with, when I was trying to start this all up. Having done all that training and I was continually listening to talks from Tony and Simon my calling was getting stronger and stronger.

I watched this ted talk by Simon Sinek called the Golden Circle. Now if you haven’t seen it I suggest you go after this and look it up! I felt so inspired I was lifted through the clouds.

I finally found my burning passion, the fire in my belly was well lit and there was no stopping me!

I was so inspired I watched it again and again; I don’t remember how many times I watched that ted talk! But I felt like I was flying so high on inspiration. I had a bit of a Jerry Maguire moment.

At the Time I was full time working with a company I had been with for 8 years. I knew it wasn’t where I was meant to be and I kept searching for something to give me fulfillment where I was, but I was surrounded by so many that didn’t share the passion and visions I had to make the company great. To be fair I wasn’t in a role where my opinion actually counted at a level that matter or could make a difference in this company. Didn’t stop me from trying J

But after watching that Ted talk, I wrote a 5 paged detailed reasoning for what needed to change and how to bring the company back into a position where they would flourish. But it all started with them valuing within first, instead of just trying to gain customers based on price.

Now don’t get me wrong I have absolutely no marketing back ground, I have had roles in customer service before but that’s was the extent of my experience. I was armed with a belief that I could make a difference and it was how I confirmed what my why was!

Now there was no success of making a difference in that company I worked for, because they weren’t ready for the change I was suggesting, it was very old school management and they still operated like they did in the 80s. So my vision was way too futuristic for them.

But what I can tell you was when I discovered my Why, I manifested a new role with a new company, I was approached by a recruiter, who asked if I would be interested in this role he had. Now I’m a firm believer of, if an opportunity presents you should at least listen as the universe is usually behind it. So I did. It was very similar to the role I was currently doing, but the company was different. When I first started it was only a little bit different, it had some very similar traits as the old place, and I thought to myself why did spirit guide me to come here?


I started to get sick again!

And I thought oh no!!

What am I not listening to now!!

This time it wasn’t depression!! It was worse.

They found an Auto Immune Disease. Now if you don’t know what that means it basically means that my body’s immune system attacks itself, and in my case it attacks my joints!

My guides were very clear on the exact disease it was, they showed me the links in the family to discover it, and since having been through this kind of sign from them before I knew how to work with them to work it all out.

I had got distracted from my path again in this new role. So I started ramping up my business on their instructions. They showed me how to cure it for me. They told me that it’s not permanent for me It’s not permanent for me. I have the power to reverse it. All I had to do was follow my path properly.

So I did two things to do that!

I ramped up my online presence and my business I now have a website and crystal stock. I attend markets and expos this was my first year for that! I run and hold workshops. I had been writing my teaching materials for years, but have found the courage to finally share it with others. I am finally in the same vibration as my higher self and the manifestations are coming thick and fast because I found my Why and I am following my passion.

Now in reference to the Psychics prediction this was the year that my youngest child started school.

Then the company I was working for got a new CEO. Finally someone who oozed vision like I did!  I felt the connection straight away and I knew why I was sent here. I will finally get my moment to be able to make a difference on a big scale.

Not only was he the reason I was sent here, but I have made some great connections with some great people at this new company, that have helped me in leaps and bounds in growing my business!

When I had that light bulb moment I knew I wanted to help others and make a difference, touch people’s hearts. I had been doing this for years already with my channeled advice for my friends, family and clients. But this was the place I found that helped me launch my Business and give me the confidence that I can do this full time and help others.

The universe sends us the signs to help us find our way, and if we need flashing neon signs to see it. The Universe can may make the signal so big you can’t miss it.

Like they do for me they send illness when I am out of alignment. But nothing that can’t be overcome. As once I find alignment with my higher self again the illness melts away for me.

But of course I have always had the choice to not overcome these illnesses, and in another lifetime that may have been my lesson. But not this time!

So with the loving support of my family and friends I am here today to tell you, that I can help you find your why, and I love doing it!!

We are all here for a reason, we just need to follow the signs to find it.

If you want to live the life you were meant to and make it extraordinary there is only one small decision you need to make. Commit to yourself and get help to become the best of you.

No one ever said you had to go it alone! We go further together!



Until Next Time


Kerrie McGilvray

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