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Bobby’s Story – I Want to Cross Sooner



bobbys story

While working this Saturday I had the most amazing conversation with a lovely lady who we shall call Bobby. She was a trouble soul and she didn’t come in for a reading but she was shuffling the oracle cards in the shop and I could sense her feeling lost. When I started talking to Bobby, she was explaining how she was drawn to my kind nature. We started chatting and she was explaining to me how she wanted to cross over. My heart was breaking. How could someone as lovely as her want to go before her time. She proceeded to explain that all her loved ones were there and that all she wanted was to be with them again. She told me about how she had tried suicide to get there sooner but it didn’t work and even the Dr’s were surprised as the method used it should have worked.

But what Bobby was missing was that it wasn’t her time to go. She had to be here for a while yet!

She missed her mum terribly and what her mother passed on through me on Saturday was that it wasn’t her time, and she was disappointed that she wasn’t living her life like she should be. Bobby needed to know that her mother loved her and wants her to show the world all the wonderful things she had taught Bobby. She was here for a reason and her current reason we discovered were her friends she had. While she felt she needed them, she didn’t realize that they also needed her and her loving ways.

It was lovely to see the change in Bobby just through a simple conversation. In the space of five minutes she received the messages she needed and she had changed her fate and perception. She had found her reason to live and she wanted to make her mother proud, and believe me her mother was glad that she came to me that day. Bobby is now looking forward to show her mother and the rest of her family on the other side how all their teachings can be given to others through Bobby.

She left the store at such peace with no further desire to rush to the other side and cross over. Bobby is finally happy to wait till it is her time to join the others until then she had work to do to make her family proud.  And off she went!!


These are the experiences that make me love what I do with such passion and joy. It’s truly a blessing to be able to help others and bring peace to those who need it.



Until Next Time


Kerrie McGilvray

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