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The 7 Things That Happen to Your Loved One When They Pass


So this week I have had a family member pass away. Even though I know what happens and that I have an opportunity to speak with them again it’s still an emotional experience. As my human self still misses them and grieves for them. But my spiritual self says its ok you will speak with them again.

So today I thought I would explain what my guides and passed people have told me about the other side, for anyone out there experiencing the same thing!

  1. It’s not the end

This is not the end of their existence. They spiritual self still exists, just at a different vibration. They can choose to either be a guide to others, or they may choose to be reincarnated. But one thing is for sure it is certainly not the end!

  1. There is No Heaven or Hell

There is no place like heaven or hell, like they explain in the bibles.  There are different vibration planes. Depending of which plane they are currently on can explain why you can or cannot contact them.

  1. They are in no more pain

Those who had passed traumatically, or from illness are no longer in pain. They go through what is called and adjustment period or my guides refer to as a healing room, where they heal and adjust to their new way of being. Depending on circumstances this can last from 12 months or longer depending on what time they need to adjust. While in the adjustment period or healing Room they are usually not contactable by mediums.

  1. They attend their funerals.

I found this one interesting as I would have thought logically they would go straight to their healing room. But most of the family members I have spoken with all attend their funerals more so for everyone else then themselves. Gives both sides a chance to say good bye and when this is completed their transition onto their healing/adjustment period.

  1. Yes they pop in to visit

Once they have completed their healing/adjustment period they visit us regularly. They like to keep an eye on their loved ones and help if they can. Keep an eye out for the signs you see, be it a feather or a smell that reminds you of them. These are the messages they will send to connect with you.

  1. Their Love is Eternal

Yes those loved ones don’t stop loving you because they are no longer here. Their love grows at an even more eternal existence. It becomes a Divine love that is completely unconditional and transcends time and space. It can be so strong that those will continue in your soul family in the next lifetime with you.

  1. They don’t go Alone

They don’t go off alone they are met by family members who have already passed including animals. Some family members will even visit those before they leave to let them know not to be scared and will help take them if needed, especially if they are extremely ill.


Where ever you feel is perfectly ok at these times of sorrow. Love, sadness, anger, confusion are all normal. But know that nothing is your fault. It was their time to go. They are not gone forever.

Don’t be upset if they don’t come through on a reading, a number of things could be the reason. They may be in their adjustment/Healing period still, they may have reincarnated, they may not feel strong enough to come forward or they may not want to come forward to upset you. Either way just know, they are always there when you talk to them.

Until Next Time


Kerrie McGilvray

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