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How Much Do You Value Yourself?




So it occurred to me today how much we allow others to decide what we are worth or worthy of.

We are surrounded by things in this materialistic world each day that puts labels on what we are so called worth.

Hell!! We even get insurance to cover what we are told we are worth, and let an insurance company or a bank, a recruiter or even a boss tell us how much we are worth to them each and every year!

When did it all go so terribly wrong?

Since when is worth decided by anyone else but ourselves?

In our new digital life where everything is so accessible and everyone is told they are easily replaceable we have developed such huge insecurities that we never used to have before social media. Of course we all have insecurities no one is perfect, but before social media, if you didn’t hear from your friend you just figured they were busy living just like you. But now we look at facebook, twitter and anything else we can stalk people on and we see that they are just busy having fun without us! We get jealous that they spend time with other people because we see it plastered all over social media!! How many of us have posted “with good friends” or “great company”, I have done it, I’m sure we all have. Most of us haven’t done it to hurt anyone intentionally, but to those insecure people who are reading that all of a sudden the insecurity kicks in and they think they that they aren’t a “good” enough friend.

Then there is the posts and the likes, comments and shares situation. Now we can actually get either instant gratification on our personal worth by the number of likes a post gets, or we get incredibly upset by the lack of interaction from a post. If we are lucky to get the gratification the rush that gives you disappears very quickly and we find ourselves searching for that gratification again to make ourselves feel like we are worth someone’s time and attention. If we don’t get the attention or gratification we were searching for, our insecurities kick back in again “no one likes me”, “I must not be in anyone’s feed”, I’m not worth anything to anyone! There is always the random exception to both these scenarios as well where someone takes what ever you posted or shared to heart and causes massive fights and arguments (which of course is because of their own insecurities) Where most of us innocently just like a saying or picture!


Then we move onto each year most of us sit in front of our bosses at pay review, yes it is the time most of us truly hate, as most of us are not that confident in selling ourselves to prove we are worthy of more even though we know we are!! And there is always those type of bosses out there that pray that we don’t work out sell ourselves so they don’t actually have to give us more.

Then there is also the banks that tell us if we are worthy of owning our own home by deciding if we worth the risk to give money to so we can have the dream of living in our own house.

Or it’s the insurance agency that we ask for life insurance cover and we actually put a value on our own head as to what we are worth, which most of us usually would only put enough to cover our debts. Just another way for us not to admit to ourselves what our true value is!

Then there are the na sayers who tell us sometimes each and every day, what we can and can’t have, like they are the deciding factor in what our life is to become!


Well I am here to tell you that while some of these things are motions we all go through DO NOT ever let them define your own self worth and value. As you will never be replaceable, and you will always be priceless.

Not one of us is ever more valuable than the other and each life is just as important.

DO NOT ever let anyone tell you you’re not worth it or you can’t have something.

The only person who has a say in those two decisions is YOU!

Do not let your insecurities rule you.

Fight for what you are worthy of, and live the life you want and deserve.

You are enough, You are Divine and your worth can not be quantified!




I hope I have brought you some clarity.


Until next time.


Kerrie McGilvray


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