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How to Fine-Tune Your INTUITION – Without EGO!



For me this was a long process, it took a while for me to realize the difference between ego and intuition. But once I worked that out it became very clear the difference and fine-tuning my intuition then just became a series of symbol interpretations.

What I found when looking into the difference between what comes from ego and what comes from intuition, was that EGO is fear based, Intuition is all from heart space!

This can take some skill in deciphering. As the story goes that back in history our Ego was created as almost another personality. It kept us aware and alert similar to fight or flight, to ensure our survival! It then reminded us of what could happen (usually always the worst possible case imaginable) so that we wouldn’t take risks. We then allowed it to became something that controlled us using fear, and pulled us away from our divine connection to our inner intuition which would have had a greater impact on our survival without using fear as a motivator!

I can hear the egos in some of you now saying “But if I wasn’t here we wouldn’t be safe, that thing would have happened to you just like I warned you it would” but here is the clincher, EGO creates these fears about what might possibly happen, we then give that attention, if we give that fear enough attention, the universe will certainly deliver!!


So you can see that not only learning how to fine tune your intuition without ego would greatly impact what you give attention too, and bring more of what you want into your life!

So when you start to hear those thoughts racing in your mind, I want you to decide is this thought based on fear? If so then it really needs no further attention, in most cases.

If you decide this thought comes from your heart then that is your intuition talking! Just make sure it’s not your pride, that’s egos ugly cousin, sometimes ego disguises himself as pride to get through when you shut out the fearful voice 😉

This may all seem very confusing, but if you just slow everything down when you are unsure and listen quietly to your heart you will hear the answer!

Pure intuition comes from the heart; there is no pride, no gloating, during that moment its all clear. There is nothing wrong with being proud after the fact of the information you have received we are human and it is a great skill to be able to conquer the fear of not doubting ourselves and to listen to our inner guidance system. It takes lost of practice to make your intuition the first thing you hear instead of your ego. But remember that what you give attention too grows! So if you don’t feed your ego, he will learn his place, and your intuition will grow if you continue to practice!

Ego will never disappear but he will fade, and when you focus on living from your heart the intuition will flow freely. But you will be able to see clearly the difference between the two and when you are feeding your ego like we all do occasionally, (we are not perfect) you will be able to notice what needs to happen to correct yourself.

The next part to assist in fine-tuning your intuition is symbol interpretation. Now this one is a little hard to teach. Each person’s symbols are different depending on the guide you are working with. They will always give you symbols that are easy for you to interpret; so one symbol for me could mean something completely different for you. So the easiest way to work them out if to write them down as to what you think they mean and when the events play out mark down if it was correct.

For example I know that when I am shown a month, it has 3 possible meanings. Lets take March for example: depending on the questions (it would usually be a timeline type question) March can actually mean March, on the 3rd of a month, in 3 months/years/weeks/days. And for others it may only mean March.

So the best advice I can give with interpreting the symbols is to pay attention and keep a record of them if your memory needs a little help like mine does some days! 

Another great way to here this explained is through a video I have recently seen by Kerwin Rae   Her is his Video explaining EGO



I hope I have brought you some clarity.


Until next time.


Kerrie McGilvray


4 thoughts on “How to Fine-Tune Your INTUITION – Without EGO!”

  1. Thanks for this Kerrie, it’s a great article. It’s just made me realise this is what the problem is that I’m having with my Children’s Father. He’s letting his ego run his life. And that’s been affecting me badly cause I’ve been working really hard on running my life from my heart space. Thanks for pointing it out to me, you’re so amazing lol. Now I can learn how to better cope around him and hopefully learn how I might be able to help him too. xo

  2. Hi Kerrie,
    I have a wee question.. I heard a voice like someone was talking to me ‘inside my head’ whilst I was talking to one of my clients before a class and he (the voice) told me that my lady would fall pregnant and not to worry, just to take things as it comes and try not to stress… Just not in so many words. Now mind you I wouldn’t know anything thing about her personal life or what she does outside of my fitness classes.

    Can you tell me if that was my ego? It has happened quite a few times but I don’t say anything to people when it happens after it’s told to me. I had mentioned it to psychic reader and she said it’s all my ego but I am a little confused. Can you clarify this for me please?

    Thanks heaps

    1. Hi Jade

      When this information comes through have you ever had them confirmed later down the track?

      If you have I wouldn’t say it’s ego I feel that is your intuition trying to help you deal with clients in the best way possible

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