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What Happens During a Healing?


Well this is a very different thing for each and every healer. So I will explain what happens to me when I am conducting a healing.

For me the connection between my guide and I is very intense. I physically step half out of my body for my guide to step in and I channel the energy directly from him through to the client. I feel my healing guide was a shaman/medicine man when he was incarnated. He is an extremely strong and powerful healer.


In most cases my body heats up dramatically, from the energy pulsing through it and into the client and they can usually feel a warm sensation from my hands. It’s not unusual for me to be in shorts and singlet when I am carrying out a healing due to the extreme heat energy I feel through my body, even in winter!

My guide works directly with the clients guide in locating areas that need healing and he directs the energy to these areas. He clears the blockages, and passes on to me any messages that are needed to be passed onto the client at the time. Since I also love my crystals and Reiki I always infuse my healings with Reiki symbols as well as crystals and their vibrations to help clear Chakras.

I have a routine that I follow with all my healings and the time I spend at each point is controlled by my guides I am merely the vessel.

While this is how I conduct my healing sessions each healer is different depending on their healing modality, and guide.

I hope this helps bring some understanding as to what I experience when conducting a healing and how messages can be brought forward during them, also how clearing of any blockages takes place!


Until next time.


Kerrie McGilvray

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