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You Are Not Alone!


Do you ever feel alone in this spiritual journey?

During my spiritual journey I would have to say there have been some periods where I have felt very alone and almost trapped. It has taken me a long journey to get to be comfortable with who I actually am and what I can do! With the help of my team of guides of course!

I’m talking about feeling alone in my journey like I was almost the only one who was the way I was. Even though the odds of that were nearly impossible of course, but we all know that fears are unrealistic. Feeling like I couldn’t show anyone who I truly was for fear of rejection, judgment or even abuse.  These have been some of the toughest times during my journey.  I began to develop friends that I could show certain sides of me but not all and those friends would be kept separate from the ones I showed the other side where I would just pretend to fit in! I would only show my complete true self to a select few and even then I was still unsure. What I found was that when I did this and hide parts of me from people actually created such a massive inner turmoil that I would have emotional breakdowns.

Now all this type of behavior started in school for me as I went to catholic school and of course the abilities that I had would have ended up in some form of punishment through the schooling system and such horror from some of the congregation. That I started hiding myself from then even though my family was very supportive, it was school that was restrictive.  As you could image I wasn’t up for an exorcism LOL!!

But of course bottling these kinds of things up can create massive issues! Where I would have angry outburst because I just wanted to be accepted for who I was and I couldn’t tell anyone who I was to be accepted! It was a catch 22 for me.

But I want to tell you all now you ARE NOT ALONE! There are so many of us on this wonderful and beautiful journey. Even though some of us are far away we are lucky to be able to connect in so many ways we couldn’t before.  I still have my days and my tears as while the world has come a long way not everyone is as understanding and accepting as most. I still come across those who judge and call me crazy or even fake! But I have to remember that we are all on our own journey and while this is mine, theirs is obviously different and they haven’t made it to the part of their journey where people like me make sense and that it totally ok. It’s just not their time.

But you need to believe it is our time in this life to be ourselves fully and truthfully and that can mean embracing both the shadow and the light to be whole. Just because we are spiritual doesn’t mean we cannot get upset or angry we are human after all.

You are not alone, so just own exactly who you are and your journey!

You rock!

Until next time


Kerrie McGilvray

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  1. Thank you for showing that side of you. I too am struggling with fear of being judged for mistakes I’ve made. Even though my closest friends say they are judging me, I still worry how true they are

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