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Down The Rabbit Hole – Illusion



So I have been thinking about something for a while that I wanted to get your imput on.

Now it is an interesting topic and I’m still not sure where I stand on it either!

So some of the things I have read and learned over my years in this industry revolve around the thought that everything is an illusion. Depending on what you read varies the depth of what people believe that to be.

Some take it all the way to the extreme of thinking that we are basically holograms here and our higher self is projecting this hologram here on earth.  Others think a little more generally that our thoughts create our reality. Which can almost be argued to be the same depending on the beliefs and meaning you hold for these words.

So if we really are an illusion, what does that mean for us here?

Does it mean that all we do doesn’t really matter?

Would it explain why people act the way they do?

Why do you think some see through the illusion and others cannot see it at all?

For me I have always believed that our constant thoughts create our reality, not sure if I would go as far as thinking that we are a hologram!! But I can see the thought process behind it.

I believe that we are connected to our higherselves, and they do try and guide us to learn our lessons that we came here to learn. I think the more connected we are to our guides, higherself and intuition the clearer we see things and see the veil of illusion lift!

We start to actually see the inner of the person not the outer. Sometimes this might not be a pleasant thing as people we may have known for years or even lifetimes over can suddenly be seen differently. The good friends or family (who ever we see clearly) we thought people where can change. We may begin to see clearly their manipulating or judgmental ways that we never noticed before. Or maybe we notice their obsession with image is actually what drives them and you see how they can step over anyone to save that image.  On the flip side you may even see more positive things as well. Maybe you are lucky enough to see more inner beauty then you ever realized they had before.  Or you always knew they were a helpful person but when that veil comes down you see the truly big heart they have always had and you can understand why they are just so amazing!

I know each of us come here for our own lessons and sometimes finding others in the same stage of your lesson plan can be difficult. Everyone is on their own plan they may be at the beginning of their reincarnation, maybe it’s their first lifetime here in the big school playground of life! Maybe their lesson at the beginning is image and to learn how unimportant it can be and that it’s not worth everything, that there are other things that are more important. Maybe those who have the big hearts, struggle being around those with unpleasant ways, and understanding how they are still cannot see the bigger picture yet! This is their lesson to learn that all are at their own learning stage and hopefully we all learn our lessons and progress.

For me the struggle to understand how some cannot see the bigger picture and actually live from their heart space can be difficult at times. I have always been able to see all sides to every story and I certainly can understand where all these things come from and how they are there. But my real struggle is in trying to understand why they don’t want to move forward!

But I learn to let go and just assist any who wish to take the step forward, and for those who need to stay where they are for their lesson, that’s exactly where I need to leave them until they are ready to move!

My heart has always wanted to take everyone with me when I go forward and it’s very difficult for me to leave anyone behind, but sometimes it’s exactly where they need to be as it’s always their choice not mine!

So I don’t truly believe that we are a holographic illusion. But more like players in a video game with guides, intuition and our higehrself guiding us through the game. Just some of us have more technical difficulties then the rest of us! An therefore take longer to get to the lesson at the end of the game.

Obviously may opinions will differ to others it all depends where we are in our learning stages.

Would love your thoughts!

What do you think?


Until next time.


Kerrie McGilvray

2 thoughts on “Down The Rabbit Hole – Illusion”

  1. I think this is a wonderful article and you should write more. I think we never know we are learning. We just learn what we need to learn and we go to heaven. I think we will be judged by God and his angels. While we are here on earth we all react different to different situations in life and God wants us to change so our souls can be higher. If we feel compassion for all being and people even angels can fall from grace. It’s what you do at the beginning and at the endthat counts. Bad situation can turn out well and a good reaction to something in the beginning can help life run smoothy and you really understand that it was the right decision no matter what it is. Live with a positive attitude at all times and have the courage in God ad all the supernatural angel will help in the process. The higher you love will bannish the evil in the world. You could be someone elses only hope but people need to stop thinking negatively no matter what they do and be grateful for everything they have

    1. Thank you Sara I think it is very easy for us all to get a little bit lost sometimes xx I will be trying to write more so keep an eye out

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