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What Is Meditation?


The simplest explanation for meditation is quiet the mind. In our daily lives quite often we are never actually living in the present. We are always thinking about what we need to do in the future are even stressing/worrying about the future, or we are stuck rerunning what has happened in the past. All these thoughts that run through our head each day steel us from the present moment. The present moment is all we really have as the future is not certain and the past is only your perspective of what happened, and no longer has any relevance.

Meditation is a skill that we use to quite our minds to take a moment in our lives to stop all these thoughts that fill our heads which trash. Meditation helps us take out the trash of our minds and just sit in peace, connect with our higher selves who has many answers and can give us insight and help on most of the thoughts and worries. If we could just stop long enough to hear them!

Now meditation can be quite varied. Some say that you have to sit and close your eyes and not think about a thing. Others also refer to being mindful in what you actually do, so actually being present and focused in each and every moment.

I believe in both!

Have you ever been so focused on a task that you forgot what time it was or the whole world seemed like it disappeared, this is what the mindful meditation can look like.

Personally I try to meditate daily for about 20 minutes and during this time I visualize, so I cannot say that I don’t think of anything! But I stop the mind chatter and focus on the visual I want to see. This can include meeting my guides, angels or loved ones, maybe visualizing the future I want! There are other times too when I might be having a rough day where I might just take five minutes out of my day, walk away from my desk and just focus on my breath, and close my eyes, stopping my thoughts. This is a very effective technique for moments of high stress or emotions. I do also think that if you feel that you need to, you can always laydown to meditate. Personally at times if I don’t have a chair that will hold my head up I find I need to lay down to meditate, as I sometimes feel like I go so deep into trance that I can feel like I’m about to fall and that generally jolts me out of my meditation, so if I don’t feel supported enough in my chair I will lay down. In most cases when I meditate I put on some soothing music usually with no vocals, I find it helps focus and clear the mind by focusing on the sound and not what is going on in your head.

Meditation can also help relieve aches and pains or headaches as it can help us relax our bodies and the tension it holds that causes these aliments.

So if you are brave enough give it a go! Just dim the lights, turn on the soothing music and focus on nothing else, if thoughts pass through your mind tell them thanks and let them go they will be there for you when you are finished no need to focus on them now. Maybe even call in your guide to help you and ask to meet them if you haven’t already.


Would love to know how you go!


Until next time


Kerrie McGilvray

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