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Perception Changing Technique – Gratitude List

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I wanted to share with you a simple technique that I have used with many of my clients and also use myself. It’s a gentle and gradual way to shift your perception on life to a more grateful outlook. Some of you may have heard about the Law Of Attraction (LOA), what you think, you attract. Well this is what a Gratitude list helps you achieve.

The more you find things to be grateful for, the more things you will attract to be grateful for!

So a Gratitude list in case you don’t know what it is, is something you write down daily that happened during the day that you are grateful for, simple right?

So I suggest to start you must write at least 3 things each day in a Gratitude Jounral, if you find more that’s fine too, you can write as many as you like! I would suggest that this is done either first thing in the morning to start you day on the good foot or last thing before you go to bed.

You must do this for at least 30 days to create the habit, and help shift your perception.

So at the beginning you may struggle to find things to put on the list and that is ok. Maybe you only start with generic things like, I’m grateful it was sunny today, or I’m grateful for my friends or family etc. But over the month you should find that each day you start to find more specific things you are grateful for. Like, I’m grateful I got a car park close to the door, I’m grateful I got a good run to work, I’m grateful for the compliment I received today. Anything really specific the idea is to get more and more specific about what you are grateful for. Find those moments in your day that make you smile.

Each time we get more specific our list gets longer and it gives us something nice to look back over when we are having a rough day, it shifts our perception and helps us smile. This technique shifts our focus to things that make us feel good (grateful), the more good we find the more good we receive!

Its not complicated and there will be days you find it harder than others to find your 3 grateful things, but lucky for us we have a list of things we can look back over and be grateful to have a list of things to remind us of how lucky we actually are.

If you are unsure what feeling I’m talking about for me it starts with a thought about something that makes me feel happy followed by a smile, a warmth spreading over my heart and sometimes I even have a sound for it “Awww”. When I look back and read over my gratitude list this is exactly how I feel, the more I read the bigger the smile and warmth I feel!

Once you have completed this exercise for the full 30 days you should notice a difference in how you see the world you will see more of the good and won’t tend to focus so much on the so called bad. You will find your daily list longer and easier to write and if you miss a day you will feel off. But its ok you can pick it straight back up any time of the day.

Want to hear more about how Gratitude can change not only your life but the world, Watch the below video from Timber Hawkeye, at TED.

Timber Hawkeye TED Talk

Timber has some great information on his website Buddhist Bootcamp and some pretty cool shirts, check him out!

I would love to hear how you go after trying this technique for the 30 days.

Do you already use this technique? Do you find it works for you?


Until next time


Kerrie Mcgilvray

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