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So How Do You Know You Are Psychic?

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This week I was asked this question, not the first time I might add. It has taken me a very long time to realise what that actually means. For me I actually don’t really like the term Psychic, I personally don’t really think it covers everything off, and I think people believe it can be something else. But for most people it’s the term they use to explain what we do and people understand it and that’s ok with me.

No I can’t give you the winning lotto numbers! I cannot predict the only future you may have.

But what I can do is connect with past loved ones, offer guidance on your current path. Give you an insight as to where you could be if you continue to follow the current path. But remember anyone who promises to predict the future, and guarantee that that’s what will happen is more than likely lying. As we are all creatures of free will the moment we get a reading on what might be coming can in fact change it, if you want it too. No True psychic will give you doom and gloom, its not ethical, as I mentioned nothing is ever set in stone and everything can be changed based on our choices.

As a psychic, medium, channeller what ever you like to call me, I can only offer guidance as to what might be coming and if you don’t like what I say you ultimately have the power to change it! It’s important for everyone who has a reading from a psychic to understand this. If you are offered hints to help you reach the goal you wish, and you choose not to follow these hints, it is not a reflection on us, it has more to do with you being ready to accept guidance and wanting to change and attain your goal.

So for me this journey started many years ago when I was a teen. I always noticed that things were slightly different about me. I felt things more than most people and I used to be able to connect with a very close friend of mine telepathically. Which of course when you’re a teen is just a really cool trick or coincidence. But what really made me realise that there was something real and different was a trip to the Manly Quarantine Station on a ghost tour with my mother. Being a know it all teen like I think most of us were at some point. I remember walking through and saying yeah right as if anything is going to happen, I used to be a real skeptic. When we approached the Morgue. It was in this room that I noticed these faint screams, I didn’t realise what was going on. The tour guide had told us to let them know if anything happens while we were on tour, so being a cheeky one, I asked them if they could hear the screams? Everyone looked at me with shock as obviously I was the only one who could hear them! The tour guide responded and said that while they couldn’t they did have a tour group of Psychics come through once who could hear the screams while they were in there. This was the moment that I knew something was different.

My friend and I had always been into crystals and tarot cards for a bit of fun. I just loved the colours of the crystals and had always been drawn to them. Over the years that passion grew, but in my twenties things slowly got hidden away to fit in as I would say. Even though I wouldn’t publicise the information I received to everyone for fear of judgment , I knew a selected few I would let in. But what I did always notice was that when my friends would come to me with a problem and ask for advice, I would rattle off advice to them and never really remember what I had said only them at the end of the conversation saying thanks so much that’s the best advice. Obviously I was channeling the guidance straight from above and not even knowing. It took me a while to realise that was what was happening and it is only really in hind sight that I can truly see the pattern emerge of the synchronicities that show me I have been Psychic all my life.

So after I got married I started attending spiritual development classes to really get in tune with the skills I had already so I could get a better understanding of what was going on, as well as meet others that were like me. I found this place a really big sanctuary for me and I started to hone my gifts and really tell the difference between Divine Guidance and Ego. As before I didn’t know how. I discovered that I was a very powerful healer as well as Psychic. It took some time to understand the symbols that I would receive, and that I wasn’t to really interpret them. The interpretation is always meant to be up to the Client, as I am only shown the symbols in forms that I can understand so I can relay the information.

So most of my information comes through channeled messages Clairaudience, but Clairvoyance and Clairsentience also comes into play as well. Some past loved ones can be overexcited to make contact and are very easily seen,heard or felt!

Names can be slightly tricky at times. I can get a name and be spot on if it’s a name I know the name in English, but if the person is from another language the name I may get may be the English version that sounds like their name or I may only get the letter or the visual details of the person but once the confirmation from the client is received the information starts flooding through! It’s really quiet fascinating how it all works.

Now for me the words I hear are words in my head like when you talk to yourself. But it has a different feel for me, so I can tell the difference between me and them! Also most of the time my crown Chakra will tingle as well. In most cases the visual images are in my third eye, but for others they see people just like you and me. But I have always asked my guides to make it obvious between the actual living and information, which is why mine come through my third eye. But either is fine and it is up to you to work with your guide to reach where you wish to be and how you wish to see and process the information given to you.

So remember that there is no exact formula to know that if you tick this box and that you are definitely Psychic, as I truly believe we all are, its just a matter of quieting the mind, listening and paying attention to the signs you are given. Don’t worry if you receive these differently to others, we all have different guides and they all communicate with each of us differently. So it is all ok!

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Kerrie McGilvray

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  1. Found this to be very interesting as I find I am starting to really open up and pay attention to the signs I am now getting. Thank you xx

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