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What is Channelling?


Channeling can mean a number of things. As you can channel energy, messages, healing and even love. So in this section I will briefly touch on the channeling of healing but most of that will be covered off in the Healing section of our class. The main thing I would like to discuss is the channeling of messages, whether they be from loved ones who have passed or from our higher self, or our guides and angels. All of us have the ability to be able to channel these kind of energies. There are a few things that we need to consider when we are thinking about channeling.

  • We need to make sure we are protected and have a strong connection with our gate keeper guide so you are kept safe
  • We need to make sure that our energy is in the right space to be able to receive the Divine guidance or messages from loved ones
  • We need to make sure our space is energetically ready and clear
  • We need to trust that our Guides will be there the whole way and give us the support and protection we need
  • We also need to be able to quiet our mind, and know the difference when ego speaks to us
  • We need to be able to trust the messages that come through and not try to decipher them, as they may not make any sense to us only the receiver. Trust your intuition!

So given that we have all of that where do we start you say?

There are a few basics that I was taught that I would like to share.

I was always told to quiet your mind, ask if there is any messages (be clear who you’re asking for messages for either yourself or someone else) and then just listen for the thoughts or feelings that pass through your mind or body, and relay those. Remembering not to try and work them out! Don’t worry that one took me a while to overcome and ego wants you to try and work it out as it uses fear to tell you that the messages are wrong if you don’t understand them. Ego will also try and tell you that the messages are just made up from you. If these kind of thoughts come into your head just say thanks for that and move on give the information you are given.

I find this a simple way for you to get answers and it’s almost like a meditation but really you just have to listen.

There is also another way you can try which people call automated writing. If you are unsure what automated writing is, it is where you light a candle focus on the candle ask your guides your message and just start writing what comes to you. Imagine the energy coming in via your crown chakra and down through your body and out you writing hand (or hands if you’re typing). Don’t worry if you feel the beginning of what you start writing is from you conscious mind (It just might be) but the important thing is that you start writing whatever is coming to mind as once you start writing even if it starts with the conscious mind it will certainly shift to the unconscious mind where you will get your real answers. Once your hand is writing the energy from your guide will find it easier to flow through your hand and it will then take over and give you the answers you were aski9ng about, don’t be surprised if by the end of the sitting you read back what you have written and say to yourself “ I don’t remember writing that” that is almost a sure sign that is was a message from your guide4s as you would have transitioned into a trance like state where your guide took control of your hand to write the answers. In fact most of these classes are done via automated writing.

Here is another exercise I like to do to practice channeling messages from loved ones, but you need a lucky volunteer who will let you practice on them!

Have your lucky volunteer sit still in a chair they find comfortable. You stand behind them and put your hand on their shoulder with their permission of course. Close your eyes and as your guides to connect you to their passed loved ones and ask them to give you any messages they need to hear. Clear you mind and simply wait and listen. Relay any and all information you are given they may give you names they may give you details of how they passed. The information may be given in either thought, feeling, sound, smell or visual format, just relay it all. If you continue to practice this you will start to get messages quicker and in more detail with more accuracy as you start to learn the symbols they show you.

When you have completed your channeling session it is always good practice to ask your gatekeeper guide to close you down and hold back anyone else who wanted to come through as they will need to come another day. So in other words get your gate keeper to close the gate!

I hope you enjoyed this information and would love to hear your comments about it below.

Until next time

Kerrie McGilvray

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